About PopData

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Population Data BC (PopData) is a multi-university, data and education resource facilitating interdisciplinary research on the determinants of human health, well-being and development.

Data access

We support research access to individual-level, de-identified longitudinal data on British Columbia’s 4.7 million residents.

These data sets are linkable to each other and to external data sets, where approved by the data provider. Linkage of data across sectors, such as health, education, early childhood development, workplace and the environment, facilitates advances in understanding the complex interplay of influences on human health, well-being and development. Such research informs health related policy-making and investment decisions for healthier communities.

Education and training

Responding to the training needs of British Columbia’s researchers, we offer: in-person workshops, free online courses and a distance education based Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis.


View our short animation "Administrative Data and You". It explains what we do, how we do it, and how population health research benefits all of us.



PopData strives to ensure that researchers have timely access to the data and training they need to address research questions on human health, well-being and development and that research using these data informs policy-making and leads to healthier communities. We do not have our own researchers or research program.

Page last revised: July 18, 2019