Population Data BC Staff

Data Access

Tim Choi, Lead, Data Access
Email: tim.choi@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.5258

Jessica Galo Horne, Data Access Coordinator
Email: jessica.galo@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604 822 1732

Melissa Medearis, Data Management Advisor
Email: melissa.medearis@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604 822 7896

Michelle Wong, Data Access Coordinator
Email: michelle.wong@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604 822 1767

Education and Training

Ann Greenwood, Lead, Education and Training
Email: ann.greenwood@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 250.853.3285

Data Services

Tavinder Ark, Senior Data Scientist
Email: tavinder.ark@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604 822-0940

Brent Hills, Lead, Data Services
Email: brent.hills@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.827.5735

Mike Jarrett, Programmer/Analyst
Email: mike.jarrett@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604 822 3039

Christina Sian, Programmer/Analyst
Email: christina.sian@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.8727

Mike Simpson, Programmer
Email: mike.simpson@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.6174

Lillian Tamburic, Programmer/Analyst
Email: ltamburic@chspr.ubc.ca 

Fan Xu, Programmer/Analyst
Email: fan.xu@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.827.5349

Lixiang Yan, Programmer/Analyst
Email: lixiang.yan@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.5714

Harold Yip, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Email: harold.yip@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.3947

Systems and Security

Denis Laplante, SRE Support
Email: denis.laplante@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.9914

Jim Mintha, Lead, Systems and Security
Email: jim.mintha@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.827.3378

David Gehrmann, Computer & Systems Support Technician
Email: david.gehrmann@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.8563

Ryoko Norden, SRE Systems Administrator
Email: ryoko.norden@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.2067

General Operations

Sarah Kesselring, Special Projects Coordinator
Email: sarah.kesselring@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604.822.0778

Maria Kim-Bautista, Lead, Privacy and Governance
Email: maria.kim-bautista@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.6514

Bryony Mander, Lead, Communications
Email: bryony.mander@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.8616

Kim McGrail, Scientific Director
Email: kim.mcgrail@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 778.998.3821

Gitta Oldendorff, Managing Director
Email: gitta.oldendorff@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604.822.1370

Kelly Sanderson, Lead, Business Development (currently on leave)
Email: kelly.sanderson@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.822.5206

Jack Teng, Project Manager
Email: jack.teng@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604.822.2657

Abigail Torrijos, Lead, Operations
Email: abigail.torrijos@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604 822 5418

SPOR Canadian Data Platform

Shiraz El Adam, Project Coordinator
Email: shiraz.eladam@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604.827.3713

Mary Leong, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Specialist
Email: mary.leong@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604.827.1486

David Parker, Director of Operations
Email: david.parker@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604.822.1354



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