Health care and health services data

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Data Set: BC Cancer Registry Data

Information on all cancers (of BC residents at diagnosis) reported to the BCCA.
Date Range: January 1, 1985 onwards

Data Set: BC Perinatal Data Registry

Captures maternal, fetal, and neonatal data for an estimated 99% of all births that occur in BC. The BCPDR captures data for both the mother (Delivery episode, Postpartum Transfer/Readmissions ≤42 days) and the baby (Baby Newborn episode, Baby Transfer/Readmissions ≤28 days).
Date range: April 1, 2000 to March 31, 2014

Data Set: Discharge Abstract Database (Hospital Separations)

Data on discharges, transfers and deaths of in-patients and day surgery patients from acute care hospitals in BC.
Date Range: April 1, 1985 onwards

Data Set: Home & Community Care (Continuing Care)

Information on transactions for individuals receiving services paid by the Continuing Care Division, BC Ministry of Health Services. Transactions relate to clients who are publicly-funded residents of long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, family care homes and group homes, clients in adult daycare programs, and clients receiving home care and home support services.
Date Range: January 1, 1990 onwards

Data Set: Medical Services Plan (MSP) Payment Information File

Data on medically necessary services provided by fee-for-service practitioners to individuals covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP), BC's universal insurance program. Practitioners are separated into: physicians, supplementary benefit practitioners (physiotherapists, massage practitioners, naturopathic physicians, etc.), and out-of-province practitioners.
Date Range: April 1, 1985 onwards

Data Set: Mental Health

Contains administrative data in several files that were created using tables in the Mental Health Data Warehouse (MHDW). The mental health data we have are the Minimum Reporting Requirement (MRR) tables from the MHDW at the Ministry of Health Services. The MRR is now the requirement for all HAs in reporting on all patient/clients receiving mental health services in the community. The mental health data are a snapshot from a continuously updated relational database system with files such as client, care episodes, and service events.
Date Range: April 1, 1986 onwards

Data Set: National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS)

A tool for collecting data and reporting on all levels of ambulatory care within Canada including emergency departments (EDs), day surgery, and medical and surgical day clinics within hospitals, the community and private clinics.
Date range: 2012/13 onwards

Data Set: Patient Centered Measurement

The Acute Inpatient 2016/17 Survey asked patients about their health-related quality of life and their experiences with the quality of care and services received as an inpatient in one of 78 acute care hospitals and two freestanding rehabilitation hospitals in British Columbia. 
Date range: September 2st 2016 - March 31st 2017

Data Set: PharmaCare

BC's public drug insurance program that assists BC residents in paying for eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies.
Date Range: January 1, 1985 to December 2017

Data Set: PharmaNet

An online, real-time system that captures all prescriptions for drugs and medical supplies dispensed from community pharmacies in BC as well as prescriptions dispensed from hospital outpatient pharmacies for patient use at home. 
Date Range: January 1, 1996 onwards

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