WorkSafeBC Claims and Firm Level Files

Date range: January 1, 1981* onwards (unless otherwise noted)

* historical data is available for selected fields (some data dates as far back as 1916). Please contact the Data Access Unit for more information.

Data source: WorkSafeBC (formerly the Workers' Compensation Board)

This checklist is historical and provided only for reference. Please refer to for the current application and checklists.


Information on reports of injury to WorkSafeBC, and injuries accepted for compensation, including disability time periods, injury information and compensation amounts.


  • Includes information on work-related injuries reported to WSBC.

Data Changes Over Time

  • Two of the data files in the WSBC Injury data have not been updated since 1996: the Medical Aid File and the Pension File. Information in the Medical Aid file is now captured in the MSP Payment information data under the ‘claim type' codes of MW and PW. Information in the Pensions file can now be found in the WSBC Claim Cost Summary file.

Quality / Accuracy of Information / Field Coding Source

  • Population Data BC receives a complete refresh of the WSBC Injury data from January 1, 1981 forward each year, thus the data we receive will include any retroactive changes made to the data since our last refresh.

Important Additional Information

  • Project-specific ‘claim numbers' are provided to researchers unless otherwise authorized. This allows the grouping of the records within a single claim.
  • There tends to be a noticeable drop off in the number of accident/injury dates as you approach the cut-off date for the most recent data refresh from WSBC provided to Population Data BC. This occurs because injured workers do not immediately file a claim. There is usually a lag of several months from the time someone is injured to when they file a claim.

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