WorkSafeBC Employer File

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Employer is a person or legal entity such as a company, proprietorship, partnership, government body, crown corporation, or independent operator where employees or the proprietor are covered for compensation purposes. They are registered and assessed by the WCB or may only be inspected by Prevention officers. Included are non-profit organizations and associations that sub-contract work. The employer may also be one that is registered under the personal optional protection plan

Years available - 1966 onward

Field Name


Employer ID

The number that uniquely identifies an employer (aka Firm Number, Employer Number, Registration Number)
Replaced by project-specific identification number

Employee Active Indicator

 Indicates whether or not the employer is currently active.

Employer Activity Start Date

The most recent date on which an employers WCB coverage was started or revived.

Employer Activity End Date

The cancellation date of an employer's most recent period of WCB coverage.


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