Vital Statistics Deaths

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Date range: January 1, 1985 onwards

Data source: The BC Vital Statistics Agency

This checklist is historical and provided only for reference. Please refer to for the current application and checklists.


Includes all deaths registered in the province of BC.


  • Abortion procedures, including those conducted in concert with other procedures, are unavailable from all applicable files. This is in accordance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act article 22.1.
  • Excludes all deaths to BC residents which occur out-of-province.

Quality / Accuracy of Information / Field Coding Source

  • There are federal standards for vital statistics certificates and reports that have been adopted by the provinces. The use of nationally uniform vital registration and statistics standards allows for comparison of both national and provincial data.


  • BC Vital Statistics Agency. Physicians' and coroners' handbook on medical certification of death and stillbirth, 2004 revision. Victoria: BC Vital Statistics Agency; 2004.


Page last revised: May 28, 2020