Data access

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Population Data BC (PopData) is home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of health care, health services and population health data. These data includes longitudinal, person-specific, de-identified health data on BC's 4.6 million residents, from 1985 forward.

PopData offers the following services for qualified researchers:

  • Access to a rich source of linkable, person specific, but de-identified data on British Columbians, including health service records, population health data and census geographic areas
  • Guidance, support and advice in applying to access data held at PopData
  • A streamlined, harmonized and transparent access procedure for applying for data
  • Remote access to a central server for data storage and analysis, including encrypted backups, software, and other services to ensure compliance with data access requirements

In the DATA ACCESS  pages of this site you will find:

Page last revised: September 16, 2014