Consent form guidelines

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Use the following guidelines when designing a form for consent and acknowledgment regarding the collection, use, linkage, and/or disclosure of personal information for research and evaluation purposes. Please note that these are guidelines only. Please also note that these guidelines do not supersede the requirements of other organisations. For more information on drafting your consent form, please contact your Data Access Unit staff member.

Data Stewards will expect to review your consent forms PRIOR to use; and to VALIDATE all copies of signed consent forms if, and where, applicable.

Data will only be released for those individuals for whom you have provided a validated, signed consent form.

Some tips to ensure the accessibility of your consent form

  • The consent form must be written in plain language
  • Use a type face no smaller than the type on this page and use headings, small paragraphs and spaces between the paragraphs. Number your pages (e.g. 1 of 3)
  • Write out all acronyms the first time they appear in the consent form

Consent form templates decision tree

Click on the hotlink for the template that you need.

Page last revised: April 11, 2018