The Data Access Request (DAR) process

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The various stages of the data access request process are described in this section of the website.


What happens during this stage?

Planning and completion of the Data Access Request (DAR)
Consent form guidelines
Ethics and Peer Review
Co-ordination of the DAR and pre-submission review by the Data Access Unit (DAU)
Submission of DAR to Data Steward(s) by DAU on behalf of the Researcher
DAU works with Researcher to answer questions from the Data Steward(s)
The Data Steward(s) review, approve or reject the DAR
The DAU notifies the Researcher
The Research Agreement and Pledge of Confidentiality are signed
The Services Agreement and cost quote are prepared
Researcher sucessfully completes Privacy Training
Researcher Account is set up for access to the Secure Research Environment (SRE)
Study population is defined and data is linked
Preparation of data extract by Data Services Unit (DSU)
Data is placed on the SRE
Amendments to DAR may be made
Data Retention Extensions may be applied for
Student DARs’ may be submitted for students using data released for their supervisor’s project in their theses or dissertation
Researchers must keep the ethics approval up-to-date
Research Outputs must be submitted to Data Steward(s) prior to public dissemination
Researcher notifies DAU that project is complete
Researcher completes project closure forms, access to SRE is withdrawn and data extract is archived


Page last revised: November 21, 2017