Amendments to the DAR after approval or data delivery

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Researchers who receive data and realise that they need additional data files or fields included from one of the data files will have to submit an amendment. Changes to the cohort definition also require an amendment.

Researchers may request an amendment to their approved project by emailing the requested changes and a rationale for requesting the change (see below) to the Data Access Unit (DAU). Be sure to indicate that you are requesting an amendment to your approved project and include the project number and title. The DAU will forward the amendment to the Data Steward(s) for review and approval.

Please note that any amendments requiring data extraction or involving changes to the study population will incur additional costs and require a new Cost Quote. Amendments to the cohort definition in particular, can be both costly and time-consuming, so it is recommended that Researchers make absolutely certain that their cohort definition is correct before submitting the Data Access Request (DAR). DAU staff will help Researchers to define their cohort definition prior to the submission of the DAR for Data Steward review.

If the amendment does not fall into one of the categories below, please contact the DAU.

Amendment to data extract

Researchers who receive data and realise that they need additional data (i.e., additional data files, additional data fields, and/or additional years of data), will need to submit an Amendment to Data Extract request. There are three types of Amendment to Data Extract requests:

  1. Additional year of data for data already requested (note: a researcher can only request data to the end of the current year)
  2. Additional data fields from the file already requested
  3. Additional data fields from a file not requested in the original application.

Researchers need to clearly indicate which type of amendment request they are making, and provide specific details on the additional data requested, e.g. the years, and/or fields, and or files. A detailed rationale for the request is also required.

Amendment to cohort definition

Researchers who receive data and realize that they need to request changes to the cohort definition(s) as originally approved, will need to submit an Amendment to Cohort Definition request.

Researchers need to describe in detail the changes they are requesting to their cohort(s) definition(s). A detailed rationale for the request is also required.

Amendment to extend the data retention date

Researchers are initially permitted access to the data extract provided by Population Data BC for up to three years after Population Data BC provides the first set of data, as long as privacy conditions are met. Researchers who need additional time to analyse their data will need to submit an Amendment to Extend the Data Retention Date request. Researchers also need to provide a Progress Report with the extension request. > download Progress Report template.

Researchers need to provide a rationale for extending the data retention period, and confirm that they have accompanying ethics renewal for the period, if applicable.

Submit all amendment requests via email to the DAU. Data Access Unit staff  will coordinate the review of the amendment request by the Data Steward(s).

Data preparation errors

If Population Data BC has made an error in preparing data for a research project, the request is placed at the front of the work queue and prepared as quickly as possible.

Page last revised: July 27, 2017