Ethics review

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The academic institution to which the researcher is affiliated will require an ethics review for all research projects, including those that relate to data held at Population Data BC. Projects will generally also require external peer review prior to approval. See the Data Access Request (DAR) for more information.


Research Ethics Boards (REB) are typically multidisciplinary, independent boards that review research projects developed within their institution to insure that ethical principles are observed. All DARs must contain either:

  • A current ethics approval certificate and a complete copy of the application submitted to Research Ethics Boards (REB); or
  • A copy of an official waiver issued by an REB; or
  • A complete copy of the application submitted to the review committee, complete with any conditional or interim comments; or
  • An explanation for why the project has not been submitted for review

The Ministry does not accept ethics reviews by for-profit ethics committees.

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Page last revised: October 13, 2015