Data request managememt

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Assessing whether a Data Access Request meets the required legislative requirements is a complicated process and a great deal of time can be wasted assessing incomplete or poorly planned requests for Data. Population Data BC saves time and resources for Data Providers by providing a central intake point for applications, a harmonized online application process and coordination of the entire data access process through our Data Access Unit (DAU).

The DAU is the hub of all communications with Researchers. Specialist Data Access Unit staff coordinate and facilitate the various stages of the data access process from initial inquiries and application planning, completion and submission, through to data preparation and delivery. When a Data Access Request (DAR) application is submitted to the Data Provider for approval, you can be confident that the application is complete and that you will not be wasting time assessing partial applications. 

DAU activities include:

  • Providing information and coordination support to applicants preparing DARs, such as guidance on data sets, years, fields, and development of the study population definition.
  • Undertaking preliminary review of DARs to ensure applications include all required documentation and information (e.g., that the ethics review is current and relevant to the research project, that investigators are consistently identified, etc.).
  • Sending Data Access Requests to the relevant Data Provider(s) for full review and approval.
  • Confirming research team composition and ensuring all have completed confidentiality undertakings, privacy training and appropriate agreements.
  • Comprehensive tracking services including pertinent dates, approvals, project status and the provision of standard and real-time reporting to support Data Providers throughout the application process.
  • Facilitating communications and additional requirements as necessary and appropriate.

Population Data BC also works with Data Providers to ensure that the DAR meets or exceeds all legislative or organizational compliance requirements, such as questions requiring rationales for sensitive data fields, or detailed descriptions of how the research will be in the public interest.

Please note that Population Data BC does not adjudicate DARs; the authority to approve the use of the data remains with the Data Provider as the Data Steward.

Page last revised: September 19, 2017