Funding for our courses

Note: The CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) is in transition, and is therefore not participating in the upcoming Institute Community Support (ICS) travel and professional advancement competitions.

Please check the IPPH website again for future updates at:

The information below references the details associated with past CIHR-IPPH Skills Update Awards.

CIHR-IPPH Skills Update Awards

CIHR-IPPH will provide support for postdoctoral fellows, researchers and knowledge users to visit Research Centres or Institutes that will enable them to acquire specialized skills or research/knowledge translation experience related to strategic priorities of this funding opportunity.

The research and knowledge translation skills and activities may include learning new theoretical or methodological approaches to the conduct of research or knowledge translation, developing skills in data analysis or in interpreting qualitative data, communications, etc.

Up to $5000 is available through the CIHR-IPPH Skills Update Awards.

Please note: Receipt of CIHR funds is the sole responsibility of the student/researcher. Individuals who are successfully awarded CIHR funds will still be required to pay their tuition fees directly to the educational institution at time of course registration.

Page last revised: June 15, 2016