Intro to RStudio for SAS Users (STAN 104)

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Course content

This Best Practices guide provides an overview of RStudio for users who have had prior training in the SAS programming language, but are new to the R language. It does not make one-to-one comparisons with SAS commands, statements or syntax, but points out important similarities and differences between SAS and R where appropriate, in an attempt to aid the transition to the R language for users familiar with SAS programming.

This document may also serve as a stand-alone introduction to RStudio.

Topics covered include:

  • The RStudio Interface
  • R Syntax
  • R Objects
  • R Functions
  • Getting Data into RStudio
  • Viewing Data in RStudio
  • Basic Data Manipulation
  • Statistical Analysis in R
  • Getting Data out of RStudio
  • Additional Resources

Course format/structure

This guide is provided as a PDF document for review and download. To download the free R software package for use on your computer visit:

Access fee

Access to this guide is free. Go to: and, if you do not already have a my.popdata account you will need to sign up and create one.

Once you have a my.popdata account, go to the Education & Training section of the my.popdata site at You can then login in with your PopData account username and passphrase and self-enroll to access the guide.

Page last revised: May 10, 2016