Power of Population Data Science Webinar - The Good, the Bad, the Clunky: Improving the Use of Administrative Data for Research

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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2:30pm to 3:30pm GMT

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Administrative data arising via the operation of public service delivery systems hold great benefits for citizens and society providing they can be made available for research in a safe, socially-acceptable way. In recognition of this potential, the UK Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) was established in 2013 to enable new research for public benefit. However, there are considerable challenges to be overcome for effective data use, and many of these are common to administrative data enterprises in general.

This presentation provides challenges and solutions in using administrative data, using the UK ADRN as a case study. The study enabled the development of evidence-based recommendations that will have value to others in advancing the use of administrative data, and which the UK ADRN used to create an action plan to address many challenges in the effective use of administrative data. Topics covered will include practical examples of how the UK ADRN has addressed challenges, developed strengths and proposed solutions to issues related the effective use of administrative data for research. The findings of this study is widely relevant to enterprises working with administrative data across the world.

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Dr. Kerina Jones  is an Associate Professor of Health Informatics at Swansea University,  where she is the academic lead for Information Governance and Public Engagement to ensure data protection and maximise socially-acceptable data utility across the various Swansea University-based data intensive/linkage initiatives, including: the SAIL DatabankAdministrative Data Research Centre WalesFarr@CIPHER and the recently awarded HDRUK collaboration between Swansea University and Queen’s University  Belfast.

Kerina leads the active Innovative Governance working group of the Farr Institute, which works collaboratively to advise and influence the developing data governance landscape to promote the safe reuse of data.  She leads an IG research programme including work to inform cross-centre research and how emerging data types, such as genetic data, can be used in conjunction with health record data. This includes a programme of public engagement and Kerina enjoys working with the public on the use of anonymised data for research.  

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