Webinar-based course: Data Management and Cleaning for Analysis with R

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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11:30am to 1:00pm PST each day


This webinar-based training series takes place over four sessions:
Session 1 - Tuesday July 14  |  Session 2 - Thursday July 16 
Session 3 - Tuesday July 21  |  Session 4 – Thursday July 23

Can't make all the sessions? We've got you covered! All sessions will be recorded for participant review.

Prior required knowledge

Familiarity with R is an asset though not mandatory for enrolment.

For additional support, you may wish to review our self-paced course in R as a pre-requisite to the course. For related details visit: https://www.popdata.bc.ca/etu/onlinecourses/STAN106

Webinar content

This webinar-based course will provide you with an introduction to Data Management and Cleaning for Analysis using R Software. Each of the four module includes a slide deck, training data, R code and associated exercises for practice.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Administrative Data
  • Introduction of data cleaning and management
  • Tidyverse packages to clean data
  • Creating analysis workbooks in RMarkdown
  • Subsetting variables and data cleaning
  • Advanced filtering, selection, reshaping, functions and REGEX

Webinar format

The interactive webinar software will provide remote access for students to view the instructor's screen, listen to the lecture in real time, and ask questions. The instructor will provide lecture slides (PowerPoint) and required readings prior to the start of the webinar. For practice between webinar sessions and for follow up study, students will also receive training data and programming code for R.

Students can download the R software package for use on their computers through these sites:

Course developer

Lauren Yee is multifaceted researcher and data scientist. She currently works in the consulting industry and designs projects around data visualization, dashboards and ecological and spatial analysis.  Her interdisciplinary background has provided her with the experience of working with many different types of datasets, methodologies and their related data quality issues and methods of visualization. She has taught workshops on GIS and modelling in academic settings and in the municipal environment. Her research interests include: spatial epidemiology, Ecohealth approach, determinants of health, white nose syndrome and zoonoses.

Course fees

Regular rate: $260
Student rate: $160

For more information or to register contact: Ann Greenwood, Education and Training Lead at ann.greenwood@popdata.bc.ca

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