Submission Form: Pre-publication Disclosure Review of Research Materials for BC Data Scout


As per the user agreement for BC Data Scout™, researchers commit to sending Research Materials to the BC Ministry of Health, via Population Data BC, in advance of public dissemination. The BC Ministry of Health is responsible for ensuring appropriate use of the public body’s data by checking that: privacy / confidentiality requirements are upheld; there is no gross misuse of the data; and that the data is appropriately referenced. 

Please note the following:

What can the BC Data Scout™ be used for?

The report output is intended for the purpose of assisting in the preparatory stages of research and is subject to the restrictions as outlined below including: pre-approved uses of the output; use of the information that may require additional approval or vetting; and, prohibited uses or restrictions.

1. Pre-approved uses

  • Research study feasibility assessment
  • Report output may be used in related research tasks such as a grant application to established not-for-profit funding agencies in BC or Canada

2. Use Requiring Approval

Publications that use or are produced as a result of the report output will require review and approval in advance of disclosure. For example, inclusion of gross epidemiologic estimates and trends for paragraph 1 of a paper. Please refer to the review requirements table for information on use and pre-publication review of the results or portions of the report outlined in the following link:  (Note that BC Data Scoutspecific disclaimer requirement and data source citation language are found below).

3. Prohibited Uses

This system was not designed, nor is it intended, to support any aspect of patient care and its use for any patient care purposes is prohibited.

Report output must not be used to identify, or to attempt to identify individuals.



1. Disclaimer requirement: As per the User Agreement, all materials produced by you in connection with the Data must include the following disclaimer:

"All inferences, opinions, and conclusions drawn in this publication are those of the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the British Columbia Ministry of Health"

2. Data source citations: As per the User Agreement, if you reproduce Data in your own work for purposes approved by the Province, you will include the citation:

"Generated from BC Health Data Discovery service", the date the report was run (i.e. printed on date) as well as the Request ID.

How to reference Population Data BC

Please use the full name, Population Data BC when referencing Population Data BC in:

  • Grant/funding applications
  • Conference presentations or discussions
  • Interviews or articles
  • Reports, papers or other published research outputs

Do not use PDBC or PopData BC or PopData

Please complete the form below for each Research Material submission for pre-publication review. You will need to complete a separate submission form for each Research Material output (e.g., manuscript, presentation, conference abstract).

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If you would like to include additional information (such as details of the journal to which you are submitting or the event at which you are making your Research Material public) please do so here. 


If you cannot check each box to answer ‘Yes’ to any of the confirmations below, please contact the Data Access Unit at 

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