2017: PopData's year in numbers

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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*historical data is available for selected fields (some data dates as far back as 1916)



  • At the end of 2017 we were managing 104 active research projects, 13% of which were student projects (up 4% on last year)
  • 29 new Data Access Requests (DARs) submitted to Data Stewards (up 16% on last year)
  • Project amendments submitted to Data Stewards: 34
  • 61 applications for project extensions submitted to Data Stewards
  • The average number of days from Data Access Request submission to approval was 126 (down 16% on last year)


  • We have produced 45 linked data collections
  • We have made 930 documentation edits
  • The number of checklist data fields available to researchers is ... 2,804
  • We prepared and released 190 data extracts to the Secure Research Environment (SRE)
  • 94 crosswalk/linkage files were prepared for external data providers




  • Maintained a suite of 25 analytical software programs and 9 utilities
  • Resolved 1,845 support tickets
  • An average of 960 unique sessions on the Secure Research Environment (SRE) were initiated per month            

  • On average 181 files were imported and 1,010 files were exported per month      


  • The SRE was up for 99.7% of the year
  • At the end of the year there were 21 terabytes of data in researcher project folders on the SRE, enough to store 4 million copies of the entire Harry Potter series!




  • 154 people took our Privacy Training programme
  • We have 35 core policies and procedures for operations and data security


  • 12 Universal Information Sharing Agreements (ISAs) with core Data Partners
  • Stand alone agreements with 33 Data Steward organizations


Total courses offered:



  • 409 people took our free online courses
  • Webinar participants: 133
  • 72 people were enrolled on PHDA courses


Privacy Preserving Record Linkage - leading an international team of researchers comparing new with traditional linkage techniques


Involved as data lead, in data plan development, implementing projects and project management > more details


BC Data Deliberation - leading a public engagement initiative on data, privacy and access > more details



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