Data from BC Generations Project now available for linkage through PopData

Date posted: 
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Data from the BC Generations Project, British Columbia’s largest-ever health study, is now available for access and linkage through Population Data BC.

Nearly 30,000 BC residents have volunteered to take part in the Project, and have supplied personal information to help researchers learn more about how environment, lifestyle and genes contribute to cancer and other chronic diseases.

Participants have provided baseline information about their health, diet, lifestyle, medical and family history.  Nearly 90% of participants have also provided baseline biosamples, and physical measurements are available on more than half.  Over the next 50 years the participants’ health outcomes and health care utilization may be tracked through linkage with administrative data sets at PopData. 

This data set (excluding biosamples) is part of PopData's BC Cancer Agency internally-managed data holdings. For more detailed information on available fields visit:

The Project is supported by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the BC Cancer Agency and, in the past, from the BC Cancer Foundation. The data collected by the BC Generations Project has been harmonized with similar data sets in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Provinces, to create the larger Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow data set, Canada’s chronic disease research platform. The data and samples may be utilized by researchers across Canada and around the world.

Want to learn more? BC Cancer Agency’s Dr John Spinelli talks about the BC Generations Project and Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project on our YouTube channel.  More detailed information is also available from the BC Generation Project website:

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