Applying for data just got a lot easier with DARonline

Date posted: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PopData is pleased to announce the launch of DARonline - a web-based Data Access Request (DAR) process which replaces the old paper-based system.

Instead of downloading the DAR and the checklists, researchers are now able to login and complete the application on our website at

Data Stewards will also benefit from DARonline as they now have the capability to login to the system and review applications.

Features of the new system include:

  • Multiple people are able to log in and review the same application
  • User-friendly navigation for reviewing specific sections of the application
  • The ability to create PDFs of the application and the Data Steward-specific application summaries
  • Generation of the data dictionary (post-approval for researchers)
  • A summary page containing all of the attachments

Transition Period
During the transition period, applications will be accepted in the old PDF format or using DARonline.
After October 31st, all applications need to be submitted online.
If the application is ready to be submitted before October 31st, it can be submitted in PDF format.

If you are a Researcher with an application that is currently being reviewed by PopData, please contact your Data Access Unit Coordinator to see whether it should be transferred to DARonline.

Page last revised: September 27, 2017