BC Acute Inpatient Survey data now available to researchers

Date posted: 
Wednesday, January 16, 2019


BC Acute Inpatient Survey data from 2016/17 may now be accessed by researchers through PopData.

This survey provides valuable information about the self-reported experiences and health-related quality of life of British Columbians in 78 acute care hospitals and two freestanding rehabilitation clinics.

The data includes information on:

  • quality of life
  • symptoms
  • functionality
  • mental and social health

“These survey results are important as this information comes directly from patients and helps us understand how health care services make a difference in people’s lives,” says Sarah Kesselring, Special Projects Coordinator at PopData. “It lets us know how effective health care services are from a patient’s perspective to enrich existing information and helps healthcare providers make better-informed decisions.”

The BC Patient-Centred Measurement (PCM) Working Group (BCPCMWG), which has representatives from the BC Ministry of Health and the seven health authorities, oversees all aspects of the planning, implementation, analysis, and reporting of provincially coordinated, scientifically rigorous surveys in sectors annually defined by the Ministry of Health and the health authorities in alignment with provincial and regional priorities.

The survey data is made available to researchers through funding from the BCPCMWG and the BC SUPPORT Unit.

For more information on the data, please visit: https://www.popdata.bc.ca/data/health/pcm


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