Development of a model for the diagnosis of early knee osteoarthritis (MoDEKO)

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Principal Investigator: 
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Funding Agency: 
Canadian Institutes of Health Research(CIHR)
Datasets requested: 
PharmaCare (BC Ministry of Health)
Medical Services Plan (BC Ministry of Health)
Hospital Separations (BC Ministry of Health)
Research objective: 

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease, affecting 10% of all people in Canada. It causes significant disability and health care costs. Because of the slowly progressing nature of osteoarthritis, a diagnosis is frequently delayed until the disease is moderately advanced. The objective of the MoDEKO study has been A) to develop a clinical tool for the diagnosis of early knee osteoarthritis, based on symptoms, knee examination findings, and risk factors; B) to validate self-reports of drug utilization, Osteoarthritis diagnosis; and to confirm the knee and soft tissue injuries and their related treatments. The first objective is successfully achieved; the second objective requires linkage of data collected in the MoDEKO cohort to the BCLHD.


Conference abstract/presentation

  • Rahman, M.; Aghanjanian, J.; Kopec, J.A.; Cibere, J. "Validation of osteoarthritis diagnosis in administrative data using a clinically and radiologically defined population-based cohort of osteoarthritis."  Osteoarthritis Society International Meeting. 2008

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