Psychotropic drug use in pregnancy in British Columbia: Patterns of use and neonatal and infant health outcomes

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Principal Investigator: 
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Funding Agency: 
Canadian Institutes of Health Research(CIHR)
Datasets requested: 
Deaths (BC Vital Statistics Agency)
Perinatal Services BC
Consolidation registry (Ministry of Health)
Hospital Separations (BC Ministry of Health)
Stillbirths (BC Vital Statistics Agency)
Income band (Statistics Canada)
consolidation - census geocodes
Medical Services Plan (BC Ministry of Health)
Births (BC Vital Statistics Agency)
ACG Case Mix Group (Johns Hopkins University)
Consolidation - demographic (Ministry of Health)
Mental Health (BC Ministry of Health)
Research objective: 

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