Determining the economic value created by adding rituximab to chemotherapy in Canada

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2016
Principal Investigator: 
Seung,Soo Jin
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Funding Agency: 
Not Available
Datasets requested: 
Deaths (BC Vital Statistics Agency)
Home and Community Care (BC Ministry of Health)
PharmaCare (BC Ministry of Health)
Hospital Separations (BC Ministry of Health)
bc cancer-external
Consolidation file (BC Ministry of Health)
Medical Services Plan (BC Ministry of Health)
Research objective: 

To determine the incremental cost (treatment and overall) of adding rituximab to existing chemotherapy and the value of life years saved in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), follicular lymphoma (FL) and chronic lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL).

RESEARCH QUESTIONS are as follows:
i) What is the survival (number of life years) for the R+Chemo (Cohort 1), Chemo alone historical cohort (Cohort 2a) and Chemo alone R-excluded cohorts (Cohort 2b)?
ii) What is the cost of care for the all three cohorts?
iii) What is the difference in life years between all three cohorts?
iv) What is the difference in cost (treatment and overall) between all three cohorts?

HYPOTHESES are as follows:
i) Survival will likely be greatest in the Cohort 1 followed by Cohort 2b and then Cohort 2a.
ii) Cost of care will likely be the greatest in the Cohort 1, followed by Cohort 2b and then Cohort 2a.
iii) There will be significant differences in life years between all the cohorts.
iv) There will be significant difference in costs between all the cohorts.

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