A population-based analysis of multi-disciplinary rheumatology nursing care for people with complex rheumatic diseases

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Principal Investigator: 
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Funding Agency: 
Not Available
Datasets requested: 
Not available
Research objective: 


1: To comprehensively describe and quantitatively evaluate the impacts of a multidisciplinary conference billing code for the care of people with complex rheumatic diseases. The specific outcomes studied will be access to specialists, adherence to treatment, quality of care, complication rates and total health care spending.


1a: that a successful scheme would improve patient access to specialist care; and 1b: that a successful scheme with nursing management would reduce the need over time for specialist services by an individual patient

2: that a successful scheme would improve adherence to relevant treatments, measured using prescription coverage and refills and using laboratory markers of disease activity

3: that a successful scheme would improve quality of care, as demonstrated by adherence to guideline-based care

4: that a successful scheme would reduce complication rates

5: that a successful scheme would reduce total health care spending in the area of rheumatic disease care

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