Consent to publish webform

As part of our desire to remain transparent and communicate the value of the research facilitated though linked administrative data, Population Data BC will publish basic project information.

The basic information may include: Applicant and PI name, project number and title, institution of affiliation, funding agency, research objectives, approved data sets, research outputs (publications) and project approval timelines. It will NOT include methodology without your direct consent.

We appreciate your willingness to support this initiative by consenting below.

We can confirm that Data Stewards will not be penalising Researchers for past publication of Research Materials which were not submitted for appropriate reviews by the public bodies.


Please list all your research outputs (in any citation format) that have resulted from this research project. Possible research outputs may include, but are not limited to the following: academic publications (published, in process or submitted for publication); abstracts or presentations; seminars, lectures, conference proceedings, theses (PhDs, Masters, Honours); books (whole or section); media interviews, op-ed peices.

Page last revised: July 8, 2015