Exposure to air pollution and middle ear infection in children

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
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Not Available
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Health Canada,BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC)
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Not available
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Journal Publication

  • MacIntyre EA, Karr CJ, Koehoorn M, Demers PA, Tamburic L, Lencar C, Brauer M (2011) "Residential air pollution and otitis media during the first two years of life." Epidemiology Jan;22(1):81-9.
  • MacIntyre EA, Karr CJ, Koehoorn M, Demers P, Tamburic L, Lencar C, Brauer M. "Otitis media incidence and risk factors in a population-based birth cohort". Paediatr Child Health. 2010 Sep;15(7):437-42.

Academic thesis or dissertation

  • MacIntyre E (2010) "Exposure to Residential Air Pollution and Physician Diagnosis of Otitis Media during the First Two Years of Life in British Columbia, Canada." PhD Thesis. University of British Columbia. April

Interview (radio/newspaper/television/internet etc.)

Presentation of research material (poster/seminar/lecture etc.)

  • MacIntyre, E (2008) "Infant Otitis Media." BC Lung Association 5th Annual Air Quality and Health Workshop. March 28. Vancouver, Canada.
  • MacIntyre E, Brauer M, Demers P. "Exposure to Air Pollution and Risk of Acute Otitis Media in Young Children". Canadian Society of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Student Conference. Toronto, Ontario. June 27. 2005
  • MacIntye, E (2005) "Exposure to Air Pollution and Middle Ear Infection." UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies Advisory Council. April 5, Vancouver, Canada

Conference abstract/presentation

  • MacIntyre E, Karr C, Demers P, Lancer C, Tamburic L, Koehoorn M, Brauer M. (2009) "Urban Air Pollution and Acute Otitis Media in a Population-Based Birth Cohort." International Societies for Environmental Epidemiology and Exposure Analysis. Dublin, Ireland. August 25-9 2009. Abstract published in Epidemiology 20(6):S77, November 2009.
  • MacIntyre E. (2009) "Transportation and Wood Burning Air Pollutants Increase the Risk of Middle Ear Infection in a Canadian Population-Based Birth Cohort." Third World Health Organization International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment: From Research and Knowledge to Policy and Action. Busan, Republic of Korea. June 7-10 2009.
  • MacIntyre E, Karr C, Demers P, Lancer C, Tamburic L, Koehoorn M, Brauer M (2007) "Otitis Media in a Population-based Birth Cohort from British Columbia, Canada." Society for Epidemiologic Research. Boston, Massachusetts. June 19-22 2007. Abstract published in American Journal of Epidemiology 165(Suppl 11) 2007.


  • MacIntyre E, Linnegar M, Lencar C, Brauer M, Demers P, Ostry A (2006-06-15) Perinatal Database Registry chart abstraction validation report http://hdl.handle.net/2429/873

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