Frailty in fibrotic interstitial lung disease

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Principal Investigator: 
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Funding Agency: 
Not Available
Datasets requested: 
consolidation - census geocodes
Medical Services Plan (BC Ministry of Health)
Consolidation file (BC Ministry of Health)
Home and Community Care - External
Consolidation - demographic (Ministry of Health)
Deaths (BC Vital Statistics Agency)
Hospital Separations (BC Ministry of Health)
Research objective: 

This study is requesting data from outside the ILD database (H10-03435) to further study frailty associated with ILD. This data will help us to meet the following research objectives:

1. Determine the prevalence and rate of progression of frailty in patients with fibrotic ILD
2. Determine whether frailty predicts progressive functional decline in patients with fibrotic ILD.
3. Determine whether frailty impacts tolerability of pirfenidone in patients with Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis (a form of ILD).
4. Determine the impact of frailty in patients with fibrotic ILD on health services use and healthcare costs in a Canadian population.

1. Patients with fibrotic ILD will have a greater prevalence of frailty
2. Frailty progresses more rapidly in patients with fibrotic ILD
3. Decline in 6-minute walk distance will be greater in patients with more severe baseline frailty.
4. Patients who discontinue pirfenidone due to poor tolerability will have greater severity of frailty.

Page last revised: September 2, 2019