Mining the gap: Establishment of pregnancy-specific laboratory reference intervals using provincial laboratory data

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Principal Investigator: 
Children and Women Health Centre of BC (C&W)
Funding Agency: 
Not Available
Datasets requested: 
Perinatal Services BC
Research objective: 

Profound physiological changes that occur during pregnancy influence the normative/reference values of analytes routinely measured in the clinical laboratory and used for perinatal care. It is postulated that some pregnancy characteristics are associated with differences in some laboratory test results and must be accounted for in pregnancy reference interval (RI) studies, while other characteristics may not be associated with laboratory test results. The significant characteristics can be identified using existing databases and RI relevant to a pregnant Canadian population can be derived accounting for these characteristics.

Specific Aims:
1) To ascertain chemistry and hematology test ordering practices during the course of pregnancies in British Columbia.
2) To determine which common perinatal factors influence laboratory test results during pregnancy using existing laboratory data.
3) To derive pregnancy-specific reference intervals for laboratory tests and to characterize the pattern(s) of change during pregnancy, especially for women with specific pregnancy characteristics.

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