Evaluation of Vancouver Coastal Health's 2nd Generation Strategy for the Downtown Eastside (DTES): A population health intervention study

Project number: 
Approval date: 
Monday, October 22, 2018
Principal Investigator: 
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV-AIDS (BCCfE)
Funding Agency: 
Canadian Institutes of Health Research(CIHR),Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH),Canadian Insti
Datasets requested: 
Hospital Separations (BC Ministry of Health)
Consolidation registry (Ministry of Health)
Medical Services Plan (BC Ministry of Health)
Consolidation - demographic (Ministry of Health)
Consolidation file (BC Ministry of Health)
Deaths (BC Vital Statistics Agency)
consolidation - census geocodes
Research objective: 

The research objectives and hypotheses of the second aim (relevant to this data access request) are as follows:

1. To define a set of quantitative indicators measuring health care system integration, costs and health outcomes longitudinally to monitor and evaluate the roll-out of 2GS, and provide the basis for evaluative studies on the costs and benefits of the target health care services.

2. To establish an empirical basis for the monitoring of services and patient outcomes in the DTES network of healthcare providers, beginning with the 2GS Gateway services. This will be critical to the evaluation of planned systemic changes. We hypothesize this framework will identify key aspects of the care system that require further revision and reform.

3. To compare the extent of system integration, costs and health outcomes longitudinally between recipients of 2GS services in the DTES and the control population, BC patients with opiate addictions who have never used these services.

Our over-arching objective through this evaluation work is for health system re-engineering in the interest of optimizing care engagement and integration within this extremely marginalized and hard-to-reach population to maximize health and quality of life whilst reducing health inequities.

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