Intra-national drug price differences

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002
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Not Available
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Not Available
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Not available
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Journal Publication

  • Morgan, S.; Agnew, J.; Barer, M. (2004) "Seniors' prescription drug cost inflation and cost containment: Evidence from British Columbia." Health Policy 68(3): 229-307
  • Morgan, S.G.; Barer, M.L.; Agnew, J. (2003) "Whither seniors’ drug benefits: Lessons from (and for) Canada." Health Affairs 22(3): 49-59

Presentation of research material (poster/seminar/lecture etc.)

  • Morgan, S.; Barer, M.; Agnew, J. "Seniors' cost inflation and cost-containment:Evidence from British Columbia." Fourth World Congress of the International Health Economics Assocation, San Francisco, June 2003

Conference abstract/presentation

  • Morgan, S. (2003) "Seniors' drug coverage, cost-containment and cost inflation; Evidence from British Columbia." Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 10(1): 48

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