Overactive bladder management in British Columbia

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Approval date: 
Thursday, March 1, 2012
Principal Investigator: 
Prometheus Urology Research
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Not Available
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Research objective: 

Researcher wishes to examine the current management practices and prescription trends in the treatment of Overactive Bladder (OAB). Of particular interest is the rate of prescription renewal in medications prescribed for the indication of OAB. The medications fall into the category of anti-cholingerics and their side effect profiles may lead to decreased compliance and decreased prescription renewals.


1) Prescription rates will significantly exceed renewal rates for anti-cholinergic medications used in the treatment of OAB in BC;
2) Prescription trends for anti-cholinergic medications used in the treatment of OAB will vary by local health authority (LHA) in BC.

The researcher will assess regional differences in prescription patterns, where possible, and also analyze other medications being taken by patients w/ OAB to assess the rate of medically significant medication interactions as well as assess the comorbidity profile of patients with OAB.


Journal Publication

  • Wallis JD, Lundeen C, Golda N, et al. Anticholinergics for overactive bladder: Temporal trends in prescription and treatment persistence. CUAJ 2016;10(7-8):277-80

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