2015/2016 COAG Colloquium Series - Visual tools for big analyses: Cross-study replication of bivariate growth models

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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10:30am to 12:00 noon

University of Victoria, Medical Sciences Building, Lecture Hall - Room 160

If you are able to join us in person, come early! Coffee, tea and nibbles will be available in the foyer outside the lecture hall at 9:45AM.

Note: Sessions will also be available via live web streaming. A link to the web-stream will be included in your registration confirmation.

If you are joining us via the web-stream and have a question or comment, please email our Scientific Coordinator, Vincenza Gruppuso, at vincenza@uvic.ca during the presentation to have your thoughts added to the discussion.

Whether you are planning to attend in person, or via live web streaming, please register by sending an email to LMPotter@uvic.ca

Andrey Koval (University of Victoria), Cassandra Brown (University of Victoria) and William Beasley (University of British Columbia)

Analytic  projects that  involve multiple sources of data (longitudinal studies) encounter the necessity to evaluate of vast number of statistical models with which the observed pattern of data are explored. Processing model estimation results (offer a text file) becomes a non-trivial task, and interpreting them becomes dauntingly arduous. The IALSA team is developing software solutions for processing and visualizing large number of statistical models of longitudinal data.

This talk will explain the architecture of collaboration in the Portland Collective, demonstrate the use of reproducible reports in RStudio with knitr and Shiny, and discuss the first results emerging from analyzing bivariate growth curve models of physical and cognitive processes in aging individuals.


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