2015/2016 COAG Colloquium Series - Flourishing, not languishing: Aging well in community

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
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10:30am to 12:00 noon

University of Victoria, Medical Sciences Building, Lecture Hall - Room 160

If you are able to join us in person, come early! Coffee, tea and nibbles will be available in the foyer outside the lecture hall at 9:45AM.

Note: Sessions will also be available via live web streaming. A link to the web-stream will be included in your registration confirmation.

If you are joining us via the web-stream and have a question or comment, please email our Scientific Coordinator, Vincenza Gruppuso, at vincenza@uvic.ca during the presentation to have your thoughts added to the discussion.

Whether you are planning to attend in person, or via live web streaming, please register by sending an email to LMPotter@uvic.ca

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore notes that we as individuals, as communities and as a nation are heading for a “crisis in-waiting” in the words of the Canadian Medical Association. ‘Why Boomers are Doomed’ shrieks the cover of Maclean’s magazine. Other media reinforce this message suggesting seniors have not saved enough, that they will not have their families to look after them and that our aging population is entering ‘The Age of Loneliness’. No wonder we all have our heads in the sand when we should be planning for our future. Let’s turn the conversation around 180 degrees. Let’s start to investigate options and strengths that will enable us to flourish to the end of our days.

 Andrew Moore is an architect who specialises in community development. He has worked extensively in the United Kingdom, developing housing co-operative in inner cities, in South Africa working with women’s self-build co-operatives in squatter camps and in Canada working with First Nation communities on reserves. He is a founder member of the first Senior Cohousing project in BC now nearing completion and is the President of Canadian Senior Cohousing Society - revolutionising what it means to grow old in Canada.


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