Testimonials for workshops

Structural Equation Modeling Workshop

"Complex material made interestingby an experienced, upbeat instructor. SEM opens up so many doors to dealing with population data."
Sherri Tillotson, Coordinator, Evaluation and Monitoring, BC Cancer Agency

"This workshop provided an excellent combination of understanding principles of SEM, how to generate and evaluate models and how to use SEM software. A great and useful workshop."
Miguel Ruz, PhD student, UBC

Data access

Population Data BC (PopData) is home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of health care, health services and population health data. These data includes longitudinal, person-specific, de-identified health data on BC's 4.6 million residents, from 1985 forward.

PopData offers the following services for qualified Researchers:

Requirements for data access

Requirements for data access are governed by The Research Data Access Framework (RDAF), a consensus-based document developed and approved by Population Data BC (PopData) and all Data Stewards with data currently held at PopData. The RDAF outlines the criteria which a request for data must meet in order for it to be considered eligible. The document is subject to change as PopData expands its data holdings and new Data Stewards become involved.  > download pdf of RDAF