SPOR Canadian Data Platform

Population Data BC is the coordinating centre for the Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Canadian Data Platform, a research-enabling, distributed network that will create a single access portal connecting provincial and pan-Canadian data, allowing investigators to conduct multi-jurisdictional, person-focused research more efficiently. 

The SCDP is a seven-year, $81M ($39M in cash) grant funded by the CIHR Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research and partner organizations across Canada. 

The SCDP website is currently under development but in the meantime, for more information on the work to be undertaken by this project, please refer to this link: hdrn.ca.



Sarah Kesselring, Platform Administrator
Email: sarah.kesselring@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604 822 0778

Mary Leong, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Specialist
Email: mary.leong@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604 827 1486

David Parker, Director of Operations
Email: david.parker@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604 822 1354

Page last revised: February 4, 2020