SPOR Canadian Data Platform

Population Data BC is the coordinating centre for the Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Canadian Data Platform, a research-enabling, distributed network that will create a single access portal connecting provincial and pan-Canadian data, allowing investigators to conduct multi-jurisdictional, person-focused research more efficiently. 

The SCDP is a seven-year, $81M ($39M in cash) grant funded by the CIHR Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research and partner organizations across Canada. For more information please visit: https://cdp.hdrn.ca/


Sarah Kesselring, Platform Administrator
Email: sarah.kesselring@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604 822 0778

Mary Leong, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Specialist
Email: mary.leong@popdata.bc.ca  Voice: 604 827 1486

David Parker, Director of Operations
Email: david.parker@popdata.bc.ca Voice: 604 822 1354

Page last revised: June 16, 2020