Are you a researcher who is collecting data? Do you need a secure data storage and management space?

We are offering access to and support for the use of REDCap for Research Ethics Board (REB)-approved research projects. REDCap is a secure, standardized data management tool for privacy-sensitive data collection, management, and storage.

These services are offered through a partnership between the BC Academic Health Science Network (BC AHSN) and the BC SUPPORT Unit, BC Children’s Hospital, the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation (C2E2), Island Health and Population Data BC.

How do I access these services?

You will need to complete an intake form.

  • If you will be using REDCap for patient-oriented research, please access the SUPPORT Unit’s intake form.

    Patient-oriented research is: done in partnership with patients; answers research questions that matter to patients; and, aims to improve health care. If you are unsure if your research is patient-oriented or not,  please email the SUPPORT Unit who will be able to answer any questions.


  • If you will be using REDCap for a research project that is not patient-oriented, please access the BC AHSN’s REDCap intake form

You will receive an email once your intake form has been processed with information on next steps.


Basic support is provided free of charge to patient-oriented research projects. Non-patient-oriented research projects can access REDCap basic support for a one-time fee of $500.

Basic Support Package:

  • Creation of the project in the REDCap platform, based on the investigator’s description of the study
  • Authorizing the user access process as per the investigator’s specifications
  • Up to four hours of in-person (or remote) REDCap training for the research team
  • Up to two hours of online help per 12-months
  • Provision of a secure environment for your study data (encryption, firewalls, frequent backups and recovery plan)
  • Software updates and additional new functionalities when available

Extended Support:

Additional data management services can be provided at a rate of $75 per hour, including:

  • Additional trouble shooting support (for unexpected complications or arising complex situations in your study), if needed
  • Special project design or report building
  • Substantial modification of requirements
  • Advanced customizations
  • Miscellaneous

Training Materials

Further information and instructional tutorials for REDCap are available here:


Page last revised: February 6, 2018