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Project title Principal Investigator Project number
Comorbidity risk adjustments for emergency department studies using administrative health outcome data Hohl,Corinne 19-102
Major Joint Arthroplasty: Complications and Revisions Masri,Bassam 19-059
The impact of psychiatric genetic counselling on the frequency and duration of psychiatric hospitalizations: A PopDataBC Study Morris,Emily 18-190
Study to Avoid Cardiovascular Events in B.C. (SAVE BC). Very Premature Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in British Columbia: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Vikulova,Diana 19-008
Evidence Based Surgery in Orthopaedics Assessing the Change in Incidence of Surgical Treatment for Acute Midshaft Clavicle Fractures A Population Based Study in British Columbia, Canada Sepehri,Aresh 19-055
Risk of fetal death and optimal timing of delivery among overweight and obese women Lisonkova,Sarka 19-074
Mapping the epidemiology and the role of treatments in mental health complications in inflammatory arthritis (MATTERS) De Vera,Mary 19-072
Distance to oil and gas drilling and its association with acute respiratory and cardiovascular health outcomes in northeastern BC from 1996-2015 Yao,Jiayun (Angela) 19-s08
Association between osteoarthritis and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases; investigation of the role of NSAIDs as an underlying mechanism Atiquzzaman,Mohammad 19-087
Pathways to Illicit Drug Overdose Following a Workplace Injury Pike,Ian 19-050
Administrative data for time to carotid endarterectomy van Gaal,Stephen 19-073
Evaluation of the effect of disseminating chest pain clinical guidelines via the BC Emergency Medicine Network Scheuermeyer,Frank 19-058
Mesothelioma epidemiology and prognosis McLeod,Chris 19-076
Practice patterns among early-career primary care physicians and workforce planning implications: a mixed methods study Lavergne,Ruth 19-044
Understanding the impact of relapsed lymphoid cancers Regier,Dean 19-015
Frailty in fibrotic interstitial lung disease Ryerson,Christopher 19-018
Current Dispensing and Practice Use Patterns of Ulipristal Acetate 30mg (Ella), as Emergency Contraception in British Columbia, Canada. Chan,Michelle 19-027
Public school choice and demand for private schools Meilman L. Cohn,Ricardo 19-c03
Exploring the relationship between maternity care provider type and immunization status David,Samara 18-226
Evaluating the impact of cancer screening patient decision aids accessed through the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal Neil-Sztramko,Sarah 19-017