Video presentations

Visit our YouTube channel to view a range of video presentations including:

  • Admin Data and You - A short animation which explains what Population Data BC does, how we do it, and how population health research benefits all of us.
  • 2018 Power of Population Data Science Webinar series
  • How to use BC Data Scout
  • Orientations for using the Secure Research Environment and the Secure Research Training Lab
  • Courses, course previews and testimonials
  • Research in Action case studies
  • Spring 2015 Coast to Coast Seminar series
  • Spring 2015 Centre on Aging Seminar series
  • Optimizing Aging and Health: Methods and Applications series
  • 2012 Population Health Data Analysis Conference plenary sessions

The International Population Data Linkage Network also has great videos on admin data and linkage on its YouTube channel.

Page last revised: November 1, 2018