Impacts of Significant Climate-Related Events on Use of Government Services – A Feasibility Project

Project type: DI Program Government project
Status: Closed

Ministry of Citizens' Services

The Province of British Columbia is developing a Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy to ensure that communities have the support they need to be prepared and adapt to climate change. Similar to other jurisdictions, there is currently a lack of region-specific data or information on the physical and mental health or economic impacts of climate change for different populations within British Columbia. This feasibility project will explore the development of an analytical method using integrated British Columbia administrative data to characterize the impact of a significant climate-related event on the use of government services related to health and well-being. The project will fill identified data gaps in understanding the needs of all populations within British Columbia (youth, women, elders) with the goal of supporting new or improved policy development aimed at ensuring all people in British Columbia are supported in preparing for and adapting to B.C.’s changing climate.

Project main contact: Dr. Stephanie Hazlitt, Senior Data Scientist, Data Science Partnership, Ministry of Citizens’ Services.

Linked data sets:

  • BC Housing
  • Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Statistics Canada

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