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Research involving a population health approach focuses on using quantitative and qualitative evidence to identify key priorities and strategies for improving the health status of the population.

Researchers who use population health data commonly explore the relationship between the health of an entire population (or sub population) and key health indicators referred to as determinants of health. These determinants of health are complex, interrelated factors that influence the health of a population over a life course. Key determinants of health include:

  • Socio-economic status
  • Social support networks
  • Education
  • Working conditions/employment
  • Social and physical environments
  • Healthy child development
  • Personal health practices and coping skills
  • Health services

Researchers who access linked data through Population Data BC to study these health indicators have produced many outstanding contributions. Their work informs health related policy-making for healthier communities.

Learn more about the difference that linked data research is making to the health of British Columbians in this section of our website, where you will find:

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