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The projects listed below pre-date the year 2000 and are not in our database of research project applications.

Patient-focused care over time (continuing care)
A comparison of methods for constructing price indexes: do economic measures relate to average costs per day of maintenance?
Health outcomes with reference-based pricing
Healthcare restructuring and community-based care: a longitudinal study
Comparative costs of home care and residential long-term care
A study to track the movement of clients through the continuing care system
Predictors of hospitalization during the last year of life
High users of physician services: a framework and exploratory empirical analysis
The economic costs and resource impacts of HIV/Aids in BC on anonymous data
The Canadian agricultural injury surveillance program
Economic price and productivity measurement in a pharmaceutical sub-sector - treating hypertension
Independence among frail seniors: the role of formal care services, informal caregivers and self care
SHA cohort linkage database project
Sawmill industry employment and layoffs: implications for training and health
Methylphenidate therapy among children in BC
Reliability and validity of sef-reported utilization of health care services
Does health care support independence or threaten it: a population-based person specific analysis of patterns of use by seniors
Determinants of health care utilization changes over time: an analysis of two cohorts in the British Columbia long-term care program



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