Archive project: Comparative costs of home care and residential long-term care

Principal investigator:  Marcus Hollander
Funding agency:  N/A


Journal articles

Hollander, M.J., Chappell, N.L. (2007). A Comparative Analysis of Costs to Government for Home Care and Long Term Residential Care Services, Standardized for Client Care Needs. Canadian Journal on Aging. 26 (SUPPL. 1), 149-161

Hollander, M.J., Chappell, N.L., Prince, M., Shapiro, E. (2007). Providing Care and Support for an Aging Population: Briefing notes on key policy issues. Healthcare Quarterly, 10 (3), 34-45


Hollander, M.J. (2001). Substudy 1: Final Report of the Study on the Comparative Cost Analysis of Home Care and Residential Care Services. Victoria: National Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of Home Care

PhD Thesis

Hollander, M.J. (1999). The Cost-Effectiveness of Community Based Long Term Care Services for the Elderly Compared to Residential Care: A British Columbia Perspective. University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia


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