Archive project: Sawmill industry employment and layoffs: implications for training and health

Principal investigator:  Clyde Hertzman
Institution: University of British Columbia
Funding agency:  N/A

Data sets requested

  • Consolidation file (BC Ministry of Health)
  • Medical Services Plan (BC Ministry of Health)
  • Hospital Separations (BC Ministry of Health)
  • Deaths (BC Vital Statistics Agency)


Journal articles

Hertzman, C.; McGrail, K.M.; Hertle, B. "Overall patterns of heath care and social welfare use by injured workers in the British Columbia cohort." The International Journal of Law and Psychiatry (1999) 22 581-601


Hertzman, C.; McGrail, K. "Injured on the job: the characteristics and experience of people who make workers' compensation claims in BC." Center for Health Services Policy Research (CHSPR) Seminar Series presentation, February 18 1999


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