Video recordings

Visit our YouTube channel to view a range of video presentations including:

  • Admin Data and You - A short animation which explains what Population Data BC does, how we do it, and how population health research benefits all of us.
  • Power of Population Data Science webinar series
  • Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Population-wide Administrative Health Data webinar series
  • 2018 Power of Population Data Science webinar series
  • How to use BC Data Scout
  • Orientations for using the Secure Research Environment and the Secure Research Training Lab
  • Courses, course previews and testimonials
  • Research in Action case studies
  • Spring 2015 Coast to Coast Seminar series
  • Spring 2015 Centre on Aging Seminar series
  • Optimizing Aging and Health: Methods and Applications series
  • 2012 Population Health Data Analysis Conference plenary sessions

The International Population Data Linkage Network also has great videos on admin data and linkage on its YouTube channel.

Population Data BC provides researchers with access to the data and training they need to address research questions on human health, well-being and development.

PopData does not have its own researchers or research program.