Addition of Team Member(s) Application Form

Please note the following:

  • It may take up to a month before a new team member is fully approved by the Data Steward(s) to access the data. The timeline will depend on the Data Steward(s) involved. Please plan accordingly.
  • Once all approvals are in place, study team members will not be given data access until all the following requirements are met:
    • Updated ethics documents with new team members’ names being listed
    • Signed Pledge of Confidentiality (if accessing data)
    • Successful completion of privacy training (if accessing data)

Study team members will need to have a Yubikey token from PopData in order to log in and access the data on the SRE. If the individual doesn't have one already, they will need to complete and submit a Yubikey token form.

Student team members please note: All thesis and dissertations completed as part of an existing project MUST be pre-approved by the Data Steward(s) BEFORE the student engages in the work.

Principal Investigator/Applicant must have a current privacy training in place and a signed Pledge of Confidentiality prior to ANY team member receiving data access.


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Additional Team Member 2
Additional Team Member 3

Page last revised: October 11, 2018