Data Access Feasibility and Cost Estimate Request Form

Thank you for your interest in applying for data though Population Data BC (PopData). We would be pleased to provide a feasibility and cost estimate letter to accompany your grant application. Please note that the feasibility and cost estimate letter is not a formal estimate; formal quotes are provided at the time of Data Steward(s) approval of the Data Access Request. Also please note that PopData does not adjudicate data requests; approval of research data requests is granted by the specific Data Steward(s) involved in the application.

IMPORTANT! For projects that involve recruitment and linkage of Researcher-collected data to administrative data, please read the BC Ministry of Health (MoH) letter to Researchers, as well as the MoH Attestation faceplate before drafting your project specific consent form.

Visit our Consent form requirements page for more information.


In order for us to put together a feasibility and cost estimate letter for your project, please complete this form.

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General details

PI and grant details

i.e. team, operation, program, catalyst
How long is the grant for which you are applying?
Is this a pan-Canadian research project?
Have you reached out to our Data Access Support Hub ( partners?

Research project details

How will you be defining your study population/cohort - will you be using Population Data BC or do you have a pre-existing file of study subjects? If you are using Population Data BC what are the defining criteria, will there be a comparison group? Please be descriptive.
What kind of data would you like to be extracted for your study population/cohort? Please specify the Data Files and time period you intend to request. Data file and time period (eg. MSP 1999 to 2005).
E.g. Perinatal Services BC, Cardiac Services BC, researcher-collected data etc. IMPORTANT: If you are intending to link researcher collected (primary) data to Population Data BC holdings YOU MUST obtain pre-approval of your consent form(s) prior to collection of data. The Data Access Unit staff will coordinate this approval on your behalf. If you are not intending to link external data, please enter N/A

Data storage

How will your data be stored?
Data is delivered using the Secure Research Environment (SRE) at Population Data BC at UBC, unless otherwise requested. A description of the SRE is available on our website at: To opt out of using the SRE for data delivery, data storage and security measures must meet the requirements for opt-out described in the Data Access Request (DAR) form.
How many users do you expect your project to have?
For how many years will you need SRE access?