Testimonial - PHDA, Abe Hafid

How did you learn about the program and what motivated you to enroll in the PHDA course(s) you chose?

I learned about the PHDA program through researching continuing education certificates focused on population-level health administrative analysis. I was motivated to do so as I am particularly interested in health services research during the end-of-life phase.

Tell us about your course experience. What skills did you develop and which courses provided the greatest benefit to you?

Overall, I had a positive program experience. I greatly appreciated the asynchronous format as it allowed me to develop my skills without risking my other professional commitments. I found PHDA05 (Longitudinal Analysis and Multi-level Modelling of Population Health Data) to be the most rewarding as it exposed me to higher level quantitative analyses. In addition, I found PHDA03 (Population Health and Geographic Information Systems) very interesting as it provided applicable GIS uses for health services research.

How do you plan to apply your new skills in your work/research?

I believe the skills I have learned through this program will be directly relevant to my current research interests. Also, I plan on increasingly incorporating GIS analyses in my health services research, in order to understand another dimension of care accessibility during the end-of-life phase.

What do you think were the strengths of the course(s) you completed? Please provide examples.

The collaborative activities throughout the various courses were greatly appreciated, despite the asynchronous format!

Would you recommend PHDA courses to others? If so, what recommendations/suggestions would you give those interested in completing these courses?

Absolutely – the PHDA program is a great program for anyone who is interested in further exploring population-level analyses. For prospective students, I recommend honing on your SAS skills prior to program completion. While not necessary, having prior experience using SAS is beneficial to successfully completing courses.

Any additional comments that you would like to add?

Overall, my experience was largely positive. The instructors are very knowledgeable and accessible to students, and the program staff are always helpful!


Abe Hafid

Abe Hafid, Statistical Analyst