Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Population-wide Administrative Health Data

This webinar series offered by Population Data BC in partnership with ICES will highlight the value of population-wide administrative data and related advanced analytic methods for health research.


Population-wide administrative health data contains information that is routinely collected during encounters with the healthcare system and provides a rich source of information for researchers. These large databases are particularly valuable for a wide range of epidemiological and longitudinal studies incorporating individual-level data. Interests may include prevalence and incidence of diseases, tracking the health of specific population sub groups over time or monitoring trends in utilization of health services and related resources.  From a wider research lens, administrative health data also provide opportunities to study health policy, social problems and societal issues not commonly available through social surveys. The trade off to its high research value is that administrative health data is not collected for the purposes of research and therefore the data are generally more ‘messy’ and complex than traditional social science data sets. As a result, researchers require advanced methodologies to effectively analyze administrative data and apply this knowledge to foster positive health outcomes within our society.

This webinar series aims to address this need by hosting presentations lead by a variety of researchers from across Canada with expertise in specific methodologies used to advance research in the field of Population Health. Topics have been chosen based on a recent education and training survey. As we roll out the series, we welcome your feedback and related suggestions for future presentations.

Who should attend?

The webinar series will benefit researchers, analysts and health professionals interested in learning more about advanced methods used in the analysis of population-wide administrative health data.

Dates and times

Presentations will be one to two hours in duration. Webinars will commonly run midweek on a Tues, Weds or Thurs. Check our schedule of events listing for upcoming dates.  

Time: Delivery times will vary based on the time zone of the presenters' province of origin. Please check each session for specific details.

Delivery: All sessions will be delivered live and online via the Gotowebinar system.

Recordings: These presentations will be recorded for future reference and posted on:

Registration: Please be sure to register for the webinar(s) of your choice. Even if you cannot attend a live session, we recommend that you register so we can send you a link to the latest recordings, as they are available.


Upcoming events

Upcoming events
Online course
Online course

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