Privacy Impact Assessment

Population Data BC (PopData) is committed to upholding the security and privacy of the data we hold. We regularly evaluate our information security practices in an effort to address concerns and ensure privacy and security of the information we hold. It is important to note that the data providers maintain control of their data and Population Data BC makes no decisions as to whom can access these data under section 35 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, or as a service provider pursuant to the relevant service agreements.

Our Privacy Impact Assessment outlines the operating principles for Population Data BC and contains information on the systems and security in place to protect privacy as required by legislation, the current and intended scope of the Population Data BC data resource and our risk management framework.

Our Privacy Impact Assessment was developed and reviewed by UBC Legal, the BC Government Chief Information Officer and Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. In addition, we have successfully completed external audits from the BC Ministry of Health, Grant Thornton and Deloitte.

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